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We know you have tons of questions, and we have answered
the most common questions below.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask any additional questions you may have.

How much money can I make as a Tax Professional?

The possibilities are unlimited. I like to say that there are no ceilings in the amount of money you can make in this industry. The only constraint you have is time. You have about 90 days to make the bulk of your season’s income. Lets talk turkey… The tax industry is a billion dollar industry, I know it is so cliché to throw in industry facts, but it’s true. Tax preparation is a BIG BUSINESS, and I encourage you to get your piece of the pie. I completely changed the scope of my life with the tax business I opened in 2013. I’m a living testimony of the places the revenue from this franchise can take you, with our knowledge, know how, and your network.  Check this out. Let’s just say you have 10 really good girlfriends that all have income and all want to support you and see you do great things. That’s your first $3500 in revenue if you charge them standard fee of $350. Remember you can charge low fees, because there is little to no overhead in your virtual tax office. You then ask them to refer you at least 2 people on GP. Or you could even offer them a finder’s fee. You have just doubled your network. Not to mention the family, friends, co-workers, social communities, and church members you have access to. We just quadrupled your network. As long as you provide quality service they will come. The only reason your friends and family are not patronizing you is because you are not a Refund One Tax Partner yet. What are you waiting on? We are ready to cut you a piece of the billionaire pie. Remember, the tax business is special in the way it provides a service to assist in a process every American is required to do. Every taxpayer must submit an Income tax return. Why? Because it’s required! What does that mean for us? Our business will stand the test of time. Everyone is a potential customer. From your barista from whom you get your morning pour, to the neighborhood bar you hang, to the work family you share the break room with at work. Broad market and recession-proof. No brainer. Start your tax business today!

Do I need experience to become a tax partner?

No, there is no experience necessary. All you need is drive. Our team will coach and assist you with the knowledge and know how you need to succeed in this industry. As long as you are willing to listen and learn you will be one of our many success stories. Entrepreneurship does not have to be scary and uncertain. With Refund One, our ultimate start-up plan will provide you a road map to success.

What do I get when I become a Refund One tax partner?

The most important benefit our consultants receive is a sense of security. Our team is here to help you from day one. I have started many business blindly and made many mistakes in the process. Mistakes that cost me time and money. All of which equal set backs. Yes, it’s possible to start a business on your own without guidance, but why? With our guidance and BYOB business model your virtual office could be up and running in 60 days. You could be making money in as little as 90 days. Our consultants have been in the tax industry for the last decade. With our knowledge and know how, and your drive and dedication, you can achieve great things. Our Ultimate Start-up Guide will be your road map to success. Our software is user friendly and can be accessed from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Go get green with our completely paperless office and virtual tax business model. Promote, interview, prepare, sign, secure, submit, and get paid all from the comfort of your home in half the time. It’s as simple as that. We look forward to working with you and answering any additional questions you may have.

Can I run my tax business part-time?

Absolutely! For many years I’ve operated my successful tax business during tax season, and my clothing boutique full-time in summer and fall. Remember, starting a tax business is a wonderful part-time opportunity. The beauty of it is you are not obligated year-round. There is little to no work in the off season. This opportunity would be great for individuals who need a mobile business, such as the stay at home mom or military family. Your tax company will be an asset to many other existing business, such as real estate professionals, insurance companies, and financial or bookkeeping services.

How much does it cost to become a Refund One Tax Partner?

To become a Refund One Tax Licencee it will cost you $4997. Each year, you will pay a licensee fee of $997 due by 04/01/2019. Remember you will be a licensee not a franchisee. There is a difference.
Be Your Own Boss Bundle: Our Pledge to coach 7000 families to financial freedom. Be your own boss bundle has 3 personalized bundles available. Starter Bundle is $997. Pro Bundle is $1997. Serial Entrepreneur is $4997.

Why should I become a tax professional?

One thing for sure is taxes; as long as there are taxes, there will be tax professionals. Talk about job security. Not only are you going to make a yearly salary in half the time, but you are also investing in a NEED business. A business that will stand the test of time. Taxes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s the difference between a need and want business. So you are not only investing in you, but your family’s legacy. Your Refund One Tax office can be passed down to generations to come. Create generational wealth and break the cycle of getting everything out the mud. Not to mention the opportunities that having an additional revenue stream with little to no overhead can provide for your family. Remember this is a seasonal business; make $150,000 and go buy you some property to flip, start that podcast, live your dreams. Our goal at Refund One is to assist in the transformation of your financial future. Change the scope of your life; there’s more to life than living paycheck to paycheck. Creating financial literacy is our goal. Understanding money and multiple streams of revenue is the key to generational wealth.